December Logistics Update (Part Three) & Christmas Cards!

December Logistics Update (Part Three) & Christmas Cards!

December Logistics Update (Part Three) & Christmas Cards!


We are excited to announce that our first cargo container has been rushed to our fulfillment center!! It is currently being unloaded and sorted as you read this.


Eric reclaims the logistics update throne and gives some exciting news.



  1. Our team is working around the clock to inspect our games, pack them immediately and ship them out to you!
  2. Meanwhile, we will begin printing shipping labels. (When your label is printed, you will receive an email from Blackbox, our fulfillment company.)
  3. There will be 3 emails with tracking #'s coming: when your shipping label has been created, when your order is in transit, and when your order is delivered.

With the exception of Christmas and New Years, our teams will be working tirelessly to ship our Doomlings! With 20,000 orders, this may still take some time. 🙏 We politely ask that you hold off emailing us until mid-January to check the status of your shipment. 🙏

We will announce when all pledges and pre-orders have been shipped out. If, at this point, you have not received your game, please reach out and we will track it down for you. 



It goes without saying that we’re thrilled by this latest development! However, we recognize that some of you might have intended to give Doomlings as a Christmas present, so we created a few Christmas cards to get your recipients excited!

FOLDABLE CARDS: Print both sides, fold it, and give it as a standalone card! There are three different versions, depending on if you are gifting the Gold, Blackbox or Classic edition.

SINGLE PAGE CARDS: A single-page card that you can print, or slip into another existing card. There's one version that is full color (to be used as a digital card), and another version that is printer-friendly!

Download them below!




It feels surreal to be on the cusp of sending games out. The fact that we are just weeks away from living in a world where our game is in tens of thousands of homes across the planet is absolutely wild. 

We will have another update later this week. Thank you all for your love and support. We hope you're enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. 

With Love,

Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings

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