Happy Holidays from the Doomlings Team!

Happy Holidays from the Doomlings Team!

Happy Holidays from the Doomlings Team!


Here we are, days away from Christmas! We just wanted to take a moment to send you all our best wishes, tidings of comfort and joy, etc. Justus, Eric and Chris put together a little video to celebrate you and the end of year, which you can watch below.



Chris returns to give another logistics update.

BIG NEWS!! Shipping labels are being printed for the first wave of shipments as you read this! Keep an eye out for an email from Blackbox. Orders are estimated to start shipping out on Monday. (We're so thrilled by the prospect of some folks getting to play the game as early as next week.)

Blackbox, our fulfillment partner, has shared some fun behind-the-scenes footage with us that we wanted to pass along to you! Stacks of gold boxes, packages being assembled, pallets with piles of orders ready for labels. We're not gonna lie, we're nerding out a little bit over here!


We'll be back next week with another update! Apologies in advance if it's littered with exclamation marks -- we are trembling with nervous excitement at finally shipping Doomlings out. (Nervous because, heck, thousands of you are soon going to be playing our little game for the first time, and we just really hope you like it.) May your days between now and then be filled with presents, pumpkin pie and pleasantries with people you love.

With Love,
Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric & Team Doomlings

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