How many players? How long?

Doomlings plays 2-6 players, ages 10+. A typical game takes 20-45 min, depending on the number of players. A game with 2 players usually lasts 20 min, and a game with 4 might last 40 min. It depends on the group and everyone's playstyle! Because the ages are randomized, each game is unique!


Is this actually fun for 2 players?

Yes! In fact, Doomlings is a BLAST as a quick, 2-player game. With the current state of the world, it’s important now more than ever to have playable 2-player games for couples, siblings, roommates, imaginary friends and what have you. Doomlings works just as well with 2 players as it does 6.


When will I get my game?

This is a Pre-Order, and you are getting in on the ground floor! Unlike an online store, products launched on Kickstarter haven’t been made yet. In the case of Doomlings, we’ve already reached our funding goal, and done rigorous play-testing, so now all that’s left to do is the manufacturing and fulfillment!

Now that the campaign is over, the real work is just starting. There are hundreds of thousands of cards that have to be created, put into boxes, and they all go on multiple freight containers coming from Asia. From there, they go through customs and into a fulfillment center. At any point along the way, there could be delays, due to COVID or logistical hiccups that sometimes happen. Once it all arrives at the fulfillment center, each game is unpacked, and labeled for your home. (That’s a lot of work!) Conservatively, we like to under-promise and over-deliver. We are prepared to have the games to you by Christmas, in time to play with the ones you love. If we can get them out sooner, we absolutely will!

**Please remember, this is an abnormal year for freight, due to the worldwide pandemic. While we will communicate as diligently as we can about revisions to our timeline, please know there are things outside our control. Here’s an interesting video on what’s going on in the world of shipping: https://youtu.be/NgIZbRg1vOc

As always, we will keep you up-to-date with everything relating to your order of Doomlings. Thank you for being in on the ground floor!


What does World-Friendly Shipping mean?

It means we've partnered with an international shipping company that will allow all international shipments to be Duties Pre-Paid. Now all international customers can pre-pay their taxes/duties/VAT and Doomlings will speed through customs with no holdups, no problems! (This will happen at the end of the pledge manager survey, separate of the shipping charge.) *We have chosen not to build the taxes into the price of the product, because it would mean an inaccurate tax for everyone. (Backers with a 20% VAT would unknowingly pay for Backers with a 50% import tax.) Instead, we are going with transparent tax, where backers pre-pay in the pledge manager at the end of the campaign. **We are also absorbing as much of the shipping costs as possible, to get the most discounted rates for our Doomlings community.


Why am I being charged VAT or Tax?

The short answer: we don’t want to get in trouble with your government. Some countries require us to charge VAT, certain states in the US require us to charge sales tax. With the European Union announcing that all member countries are adopting a 20% VAT, we want to be pro-active so that your game does not have any problems at the border.


What is your refund policy?

If your item hasn’t shipped yet, we will happily give you a refund! If you’ve received your game and would like a refund, please contact us to arrange to ship the game back to us. You will be responsible for paying for shipping and we will refund your purchase amount when the game has been returned to our fulfillment center. Please remember, the game must be unopened from its original packaging. If the packaging has been opened, we cannot offer a refund.


I’m a Kickstarter Backer. Why do I see Kickstarter Exclusives for sale?

We are required to purchase a mass quantity by our factory, in order to meet their minimums. We will be selling a limited remainder of inventory online, until the order has been completely sold off. We also reserve the right to sell Kickstarter Exclusive games at conventions and give them away in contests. Thank you in advance for your understanding, as we are a small business, just trying to compete with the big guys.


Why do I see Doomlings available on other retail sites, when I haven’t received my game yet?

We allowed retailers to pledge during our initial Kickstarter campaign, and they are simply posting that they have their copies of the games available for pre-order. All Kickstarter games will ship at the same time, in December.


Why can't I buy all 19 Dominant Holofoils in a pack?

The Holofoils, which were originally unlocked as a stretch-goal, were meant to be a bonus for backers... A cherry on top of the ice cream! We want the legacy of our Holofoils to feel special, and personal to you. Because of that, we are making a limited number of these Limited First Edition holo's available. While we have done everything to ensure no backer will receive duplicates (the 19 different Holos are printed randomly), we cannot control this completely from the factory level. If you are one of the rare humans to receive a duplicate of the same Holofoil, we encourage you to trade with a member of the Doomlings Facebook community.


I noticed my credit card hasn’t been charged yet. Why is that?

We charge credit cards on a rolling basis, typically at the end of the month. This will become more frequent as our shipping date gets closer. When we transition to traditional e-commerce in 2022, we will charge credit cards immediately.


How big is the box?

All game boxes will be 6” W x 4” L x 2.8” H. They will all contain at least one foam block that you can remove if you choose to sleeve your cards. We also want you to know the card materials are incredibly high end, and these cards should last you through the Ages!


Will the Playmat Bag have space for the game itself?



How big are the cards? What cardstock?

These are standard poker sized playing cards, 2.5''x3.5'' We're looking at 300 GSM, and weighing the pros/cons across blackcore, greycore, and whitecore. This is a matter of balance between durability, and using a cardstock that will allow the colors to shine. The cardstock likely won't be finalized until after the campaign, but high quality cards are our priority. And if we can reach our Instagram follower count, we'll be upgrading all games to Linen cards! Will Doomlings be posted in other languages? We hope to publish in other languages in the future, but currently we are focused on having a successful launch in English. How can I be sure this will be a good quality game? We have tested materials, prints, designs, and playthroughs for the past year over 4 rounds of prototypes. Our latest round of prototypes has been shipped to 70+ reviewers around the world. You can visit our website to see what people are saying! We are also working with the biggest vendors in card game manufacturing (AdMagic) and fulfillment (BackerKit and Shipmonk), all of whom have years of experience with the biggest games in Kickstarter.


What are the specs of the playmat?

Currently we are anticipating a design of 11''x22'' so that multiple mats can fit on a standard dining room table. The mats will be made of neoprene, stitched along the edges, and full color custom print. The current Community Playmat is a Kickstarter Exclusive, and will only be sold in this initial batch!


Is there a way to separate the expansions from the base game?

Yes! Dinolings, Techlings, and Mythlings each have a respective identifier, tucked in the corner unobtrusively, but easy to see. Dinolings - Dino egg symbol Techlings - Cogs and gears symbol Mythlings - Exotic dragon symbol Most dual-color cards are easy to identify because they'll have a split color border. Our prototype previews 2 of these cards. A few cards in that expansion play off color effects, but do not have split borders. We're still designing the identifier for this expansion. The Meaning of Life expansion will be easy to separate because they are distinct from the other set of cards. They look closer to Ages and traits, but have their own unique design that will make it easy for players to spot.