December Logistics Update (Part Two)

December Logistics Update (Part Two)

December Logistics Update (Part Two)


Last week we announced that our first cargo container was in American waters. That is now where our second and third containers are, waiting in the looong queue at the LA port to be docked and unloaded. (The congestion and unprecedented delays in the global shipping industry have been widely covered in the news and in our previous videos.)

Our first container is fresh off the boat and has cleared customs! It is now in a locked part of the port waiting to be released into another part of the port, which is where our truckers will be able to pick it up and take it to our fulfillment center in New Jersey. From there it will be inspected for quality before being shipped out to you.

This is exciting news. However, because our products still need to travel across the country and go through that inspection process, it is unlikely that any games will be delivered in time for Christmas. There is always a chance this could change, and if it does, we will let you know. We are now estimating that the earliest shipments will go out will be the last week of December and into early January. (Backers and pre-order customers in the EU/UK should expect their deliveries in January.)

If you were hoping to gift Doomlings to a loved one, we do have Justus working on a holiday card that you will be able to give to your giftee as a temporary placeholder. We will have that available shortly. Stay tuned.

With Love,
Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings


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