Captain Marrin's Journey

This is Captain Marrin calling for rescue. Are you receiving?

Seven months ago, while conducting research in a remote galaxy, my ship was ensnared by a sudden gravitational anomaly, causing me to crash-land onto the surface of an uncharted planet -- Enderas. Although I survived the impact, my intergalactic communication devices did not. I’ve been trying to use an old computer I re-wired to call for rescue, but I realize that I am likely far out of reach from the nearest human vessel.

I hope someone can hear me. Maybe I'm calling into the void. But if anyone's out there, please send help.
I am not a pessimist at heart, but I will likely be long gone before anyone receives these messages. Nonetheless, I’ve decided it is important to at least send these transmissions out to document my findings on Enderas – as this is not a normal planet.

Before landing here, I was almost certain this planet would be devoid of life. This is an ever-changing world prone to frequent and violent catastrophes. However, against all odds, life somehow emerged.
These creatures live in constant threat of torrential winds and ground-shattering quakes, yet...they're sweet. They're silly. They're incredibly social. And this gives them a distinct advantage. In order to survive the onslaught of catastrophes, they rapidly adapt the traits and strengths of their friends. In jest, I've decided to name them DOOMLINGS.

As exciting as it is to discover life on a distant world though, this is not why I find this planet so extraordinary...
On rare occasions over the last few months, I’ve encountered Doomlings with vastly different appearances than others I’ve found in the area. They have bizarre, mystical qualities that make them seem like they’ve adapted to an entirely different world.

I’ve never managed to interact with these fantastical Doomlings directly, but while out on a perimeter check late one evening, I happened upon one up close. Though it spotted me and vanished before I could approach, it did leave something behind...

An artifact of immense power...otherworldly energy...

...stored in a pickle jar.
After analyzing the artifact back on my ship, I've discovered that there is, somehow, an enormous celestial body contained inside this pickle jar. It sounds ridiculous, but I now believe this jar holds an entirely different dimension within it, one that is inexplicably and inextricably connected to Enderas in a way I cannot comprehend.

I don’t know what’s in this other dimension. I don’t know how it works or how to get there. All I know is that there is far more to this planet than meets the eye.

I feel like I am on the precipice of discovering something truly remarkable.

More to come...

- Captain Marrin

Last week, I discovered a pickle jar of enormous power. It defies all logic, but after further analysis, I can confirm this is a galaxy in a jar. As is standard with pickle jars, the vacuum seal underneath the lid makes it impossible to open by hand. If it were opened, however, such tightly packed energy could rip the very fabric of spacetime.

With the help of my Doomling companions, I created a device to stabilize the energy, thereby constructing a kind of portal: a doorway to this other dimension—a dimension the Doomlings insist we call Dimension Rainbow. I don’t love the name— it feels a bit trite. But they’re proud of it.

While I can’t personally get through the portal to Dimension Rainbow yet, I’ve managed to peer into it. And within it, I’ve discovered some of the most fantastical-looking Doomlings I’ve ever seen.
I’ve documented my complete findings of these other Doomlings here:
I can only observe these creatures from afar for now, but once I strengthen the portal’s signal, I should be able to enter it myself.

Dimension Rainbow is much bigger than what I’ve been able to observe, so who knows what I’ll find on the other side…

Until next time.

- Captain Marrin

Two weeks ago, I discovered an extraordinary artifact connected to a vast, other-worldly dimension. With the help of my Doomling companions, I constructed a device to form a portal to this other dimension. However, the signal between our two worlds was too weak to establish a material connection.

After days of grueling research, I am proud to say that I've finally found a way to strengthen the signal to this artifact. With a stronger connection, I can now peer through this portal into the furthest reaches of this dimension.

What I saw within the depths of this dimension was shocking. There are worlds within this world. Entire planets exist within Dimension Rainbow, populated by some of the strangest and most unsettling Doomlings I’ve ever seen.

They appear almost alien
I’ve documented my complete findings of these other Doomlings here:
Unfortunately, I am still unable to enter the portal myself. While strengthening the portal solved one problem, it also created another. The portal is now unstable—too unstable for me to enter.

Unless I can find a way to keep the portal both stable and strong, I won’t be able to enter it.

Hopefully, I’ll find a solution soon...

- Captain Marrin

Late last night while I was struggling to come up with a solution to the portal’s stability, something strange happened. The portal suddenly began to rumble and glow. I thought it was collapsing, but then—a Doomling emerged from it.

He was a small, peculiar-looking Doomling. He wore a crooked hat, carried a black bag, and held an unusual glowing lantern in his hands. Strangely, he didn’t seem that interested in me or my ship. But he did take a keen interest in the fan on my desk.
I don’t know why, but this bizarre little Doomling desperately wanted this dusty old fan. Eventually, he took an item out of his bag, placed the item in my hand, stole my fan and quickly disappeared back into the portal.

I think he bartered with me...? 
It turns out though, that the item he gave me-- an object from Dimension Rainbow--is a blessing. Because this object isn’t just from Dimension Rainbow, it’s tethered to it. Meaning... I think I have finally found my way to stabilize this portal.

I have a few adjustments to make and a couple tests to run before it’s ready, but I estimate I’ll be able to enter this portal in just four days.

On June 27, I will finally enter Dimension Rainbow...

I can’t wait to see what I’ll find on the other side.

- Captain Marrin

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