Thanks A Million.

Thanks A Million.

Thanks A Million.

This campaign was our wildest ride yet: from the last-minute pledge tier, to being funded in 3 minutes, to making Stretch Goal rewards on the fly, to the final push on our last day that just barely got us to $1 million in pledges. And none of it would have happened without the passion and support of our beloved backers. Thank you for elevating Overlush to a peak higher than we could have possibly imagined.

What's Next?

You will receive an email with your Pledge Manager link next week. (We expect this to go out on Wednesday, 4/19. Stay tuned.) This is where you’ll input your shipping information, pay for shipping (& taxes if applicable), pick your choice of plushies, swap any Overlush Boxes out, and add any final items to your cart.

It is IMPORTANT you complete your Pledge Manager as soon as you receive it, as it will only be open for a VERY short window. (Likely only 7 days.)

Ends With Benefits

If you aren't yet a member of our Ends With Benefits rewards program, now is the time to join! It's free and takes 30 seconds to create an account:

As a reminder we will be mass-updating all EWB member accounts with additional points that reflect their pledge amounts from this campaign, as an additional thank you to our backers for supporting us.

Make sure the email address tied to your EWB account is the same as the one tied to your Kickstarter, as all points will be automatically updated in the coming weeks.

The Rest

Our team is going to be resting this weekend, so please forgive any delay in communication. 

Again, thank you, so much, for everything. 

With Love,

Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric & Team Doomlings