Top 7 Reasons to Play Doomlings

Top 7 Reasons to Play Doomlings

Card games are the perfect way to get friends and family around the table. Game pieces are typically limited to just cards, so you can let the good times roll, even without dice. Plus, everyone knows at least one game you can play with a generic deck of 52 playing cards. But sometimes the same old card game can get a little boring. That’s where Doomlings comes in.

So wave bye-bye to Bridge, say “So long” to Spades , and let’s go over the top 7 reasons to play Doomlings!


Angry Beaver Doomling

In science fiction stories, post-apocalyptic worlds are ones where the stakes are high, the danger is imminent, and the tone is too dark for grandma.

Doomlings is a lighter take on the end of the world that has a little bit of something for everyone. It trades carnage for cuteness, with adorable characters that kids obsess over. It trades gloom for giggles, with jokes that appeal to children and chill adults. Set aside the morbid ideas you might have about the world ending, because Doomlings is a chance to step outside your comfort zone and experience something truly unique and exciting. It’s an apocalypse the whole family can enjoy!


Prowler Doomling

Doomlings offers a dynamic and unpredictable gaming experience that you won’t find in your average card game.

TRAITS - Every player starts out with 5 “Trait” cards in their hand. On your turn, you’ll play 1 Trait from your hand into your “Trait Pile.” Many Traits have unique effects that will allow you to swap, steal, or draw cards, and all Traits give you points that contribute to your final score.

GENE POOL - Each player will also have a “Gene Pool” card numbered 1 through 8, which keeps track of how many cards you should be holding in your hand when your turn ends. After you play a Trait into your Trait Pile, you’ll end your turn by drawing or discarding cards until the number of cards in your hand matches your Gene Pool. This process is called “stabilizing.”

AGES - Rounds are called “Ages” in Doomlings. Each Age is guided by an Age card that is turned over at the start of each round. Each Age card will have a unique rule or effect that occurs during that round only.

CATASTROPHES - Look out! Mixed in with the Ages are “Catastrophe” cards. Catastrophes have adverse effects on gameplay, like reducing Gene Pools or forcing players to discard. After three Catastrophes, the world ends, the game is over, and everyone counts up the points from the Traits in their Trait Pile to see who won!


Your Trait Pile is more than just points. It’s a reflection of your play style! Did you play a lot of blue Traits? You might be a more defensive player, or someone who likes to cycle through cards. Purple Traits are a little more mischievous, with a lot of take-that mechanics like swaps and steals. If you have a lot of green Traits, chances are you like going for bonus points. Bold, aggressive Traits are usually found on red cards, while colorless Traits are more ethereal, with a grab bag of different types of effects.

When the game is over, you can even imagine what your Doomling looks like with all of the Traits in your Trait Pile combined. Heck, take brush to canvas or fingers to clay and bring it to life! Upload your creations to social media and tag @doomlings – we love sharing fan art!

Fluffy Cute Doomling


Group of Monkey Doomlings

The goal of Doomlings is to bring people together to create the kind of memorable interactions you can only get in-person, around the table.

Plus, no one is eliminated from the game, which means every player gets to participate until the end. And because of how the scoring works, you won’t know who won until all the points are tallied, meaning you’ll be on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Doomlings also has an active and expansive community of experts in our Facebook group and on our Discord channel. If you need a dispute resolved that’s not covered in the rules or just want to make new friends, there are thousands of like-minded individuals waiting to connect with you!


If you’re an educator or someone who wants to learn more about the world around them, the cards in Doomlings serve as great gateways into interesting topics. What is “costly signaling?” Are “super volcanoes” real? Teachers love using Doomlings in the classroom.


Age of Discovery Card

With every round, you’ll need to consider the unique Traits you’ve chosen, how the Ages will affect you (including the Catastrophes that are unavoidable), and how to come out on top with the most points at World’s End.

This isn’t just a game of chance - it’s a game of strategy and skill. You’ll need to adapt to each new challenge and play your cards wisely if you want to win the end of the world.


With a wide variety of Traits and Ages at your disposal (there are hundreds of unique cards available),, every game of Doomlings is a new adventure with endless possibilities.

After you’ve mastered the Classic Game, you can upgrade and expand on your cards to create an even better experience. With the Upgrade Pack, you’ll unlock new abilities and strategies that will take your gameplay to the next level. (Who knows, you might even uncover a hidden combination that gives you an unbeatable edge over your opponents.) Enhance your gameplay even further with Playmats, DoomSleeves and adorable Doomlings Pins. Other exciting things like Plushies and Mystery Expansions are being added to the Doomlings lineup regularly, so stay tuned for more developments.

Don’t settle for a game with a limited shelf life. With Doomlings, you’ll have endless replayability and hours of entertainment. It’s the game that keeps on giving, and the only limit is your own imagination.

Doomling Card Spicy