Introducing...The ONLINE SCORE TOOL!

Introducing...The ONLINE SCORE TOOL!

Introducing...The ONLINE SCORE TOOL!


Some of you have been asking about the status of our second and third cargo containers. We are happy to report they have officially arrived and ALL of our products are now at our fulfillment warehouse!

The center is still not fully operational due to several Covid cases, but we are expecting to be back at full capacity next week.

We are hoping to have all Kickstarter pledges and pre-orders shipped out by the end of the month. Until then, we kindly ask that you hold off on reaching out to us to check on the status of your shipment.

We will announce when all pledges and pre-orders have been fulfilled. If you have not received your tracking # by then, please reach out to us.



As thousands of games are rushed out into the world, we'd love to see pictures of the game finally in your hands, especially which mystery holofoils you got!

Head over to the Doomlings Community on Facebook to share your experience with us!



If you watched last week’s livestream, you saw a sneak peek of this baby in action...


The score tool is now LIVE on Use your phone (no login required) and our handy tool will help you tally up everyone’s points.

**Samsung users need to download Gboard (the Google Keyboard) to use the tool.

Want to tally up the old fashioned way? Download our printable score sheet by clicking below.


Since games are now being delivered all over the world, Chris and Eric put together a 5-part video series covering a range of topics as you prepare to play your first game!


Topics covered include:

What’s In The Box: What’s the deal with these foam blocks? How are the cards packaged together? How pleasing is the sound of ripping plastic? (Very.)

How To Get Started: We recommend starting with the base game and working your way up to expansions.

Dominants & Colors: An overview of the colors of trait cards in Doomlings and their implications. Plus, some tips on playing dominant traits.

Swarms, Kidneys, Gene Pools, & World’s End, Oh My!: Chris and Eric break down some of the trait cards that can increase in value as you play, how to make your Gene Pool work for you, and what to do when that third catastrophe hits.

Expansions: Y’all ready for this? A brief summary of Dual-Color cards, Dinolings, Mythlings, Techlings, and the Meaning of Life.



Thank you for believing in us and our game. Thank you for sticking with us as we deal with all the curveballs that come our way. And thank you for sharing your first impressions as Doomlings finally lands on tables across the world. We are so excited for what's next, and we're thrilled to have you on board as this crazy journey continues.

-Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric & Team Doomlings


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