You Gotta Be SHIPPING Me!

You Gotta Be SHIPPING Me!

You Gotta Be SHIPPING Me!


Happy New Year, Doomlings Family! The last two weeks of 2021 were a DOOZY

First, we ran into a technical glitch in our inventory system. Then, our fulfillment warehouse was forced to shut down due to COVID-19. (Eric and Chris also caught it.)

While everyone is recovering smoothly, this put us a couple of weeks behind on delivery. ✨ However, as of today, we are happy to report that games are finally, finally, FINALLY SHIPPING! ✨



Over the next couple of weeks, keep an eye out for an email from Breaking Games with your tracking number. Our team is working tirelessly to ship our Doomlings, but they are currently operating at 25% capacity due to the virus. With 20,000 orders, it will take some time.

🙏 We kindly ask that you hold off emailing us until February 1st to check the status of your shipment. 🙏

We will announce when all pledges and pre-orders have been fulfilled. If you have not received your delivery or tracking # by then, please reach out to us at



To get you ready for your Doomlings, Justus, Chris & Eric will be playing a game on Facebook Live this Friday at 6:00p PST / 9:00p EST. We'll also be announcing the contest winner for our holiday giveaway, so join us in the Doomlings Community on Friday!




We try to put all of our cards on the table with these updates, but there is one card we’ve been holding back: the dominant trait from the Mythlings expansion.

The original plan was to have you discover the card when you first open your game box. (Fun fact: Justus even hid the design of the card from his teammates for several weeks after its inception.)



But some eagle-eyed members of the Doomlings Community on Facebook found that the card was leaked in the Gold Bundle variant of the printable, foldable Christmas Cards we emailed out a few weeks ago. So, behold! The final (?) card reveal from the First Edition of Doomlings: LEGEN…wait for it…DARY. (And yes, that means Legendary is in the Legendary rarity tier of holofoil dominant traits. Please don’t hurt us.)



We love the drama Legendary brings to the table. Laying down 8 points that can’t be stolen while also getting to draw multiple new cards on your next turn? It’s the stuff of legends. (Legendary also happens to be Heroic’s sister.)



Brush up on your knowledge of the game with our recently updated How to Play video.



It includes our simplified three-step scoring system (more news coming on the scoring front!), an addendum to the World’s End process, and updated artwork (yes, the red Doomlings are now a deeper red, your eyes are not deceiving you).



This has been one heck of a ride, and we have so many surprises to come. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store. 

-Justus, Andrew, Chris & Eric


  • I ordered the 200$ bundle on May 2nd of 2024 at about eight o clock, is there an eau you could tell me the progress of my shipment?

    Sawyer on

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