Blackbox Reveal (& Factory Footage)!

Blackbox Reveal (& Factory Footage)!

Blackbox Reveal (& Factory Footage)!

Last week we were excited to reveal the Classic box in all its glory. Now, we're even more thrilled to give you a sneak peek at the Blackbox!

Justus is here once again to give us a look at the ins and outs of the box. Watch the video here.



The minimalist design on our Blackbox has been a community favorite since it was first unveiled during our Kickstarter campaign.

Oh, and...SURPRISE...just as we announced with the Classic box last week, we've also added HOLOFOIL to the Blackbox!



Each of the three box designs (Classic, Blackbox, Gold) come with their own unique set of holofoil Doomlings stamped on the exterior panels of the base.

Here we see Acrobatic and Egg Predation from the Multi-Color and Dinolings expansions, respectively.



And, for curious creatures out there, all boxes have a QR code on the top inside panel of the lid.

The code will direct players to a website with the name and backer number of all 10,700 Kickstarter backers that helped make our game a reality. (Website coming soon!)



The Blackbox bundle includes all the cards from the base game PLUS two mystery holofoil dominant trait cards and the Dinolings, Mythlings, and Multi-Color expansions (see below.)



A limited supply of Kickstarter Exclusive Blackboxes are available for pre-order now. Get one while you can because once we run out of inventory, that's it! The Blackbox and trait cards Pride, Beauty, Tube Feet, Juicy and Bones are Kickstarter Exclusives and will NOT be part of the game once we go to retail.


Factory or Fiction?

Last week we shared a still from the factory of a couple of sheets of cards and announced that Doomlings is in mass production. Today we wanted to share more footage from inside the plant because, frankly, it's so cool to see everything on the assembly line. It's a visual reminder that this is really happening. (Our minds are blown every day.)



This video shows the different effects being applied to the cards, including the linen finish and aqueous oil coating. You'll also get a glimpse at the special holofoil effect on some of the cards, which gives the finest details on the designs a reflective shine. The sheets are then sent through a cutting machine to systematically produce over ONE MILLION precision cut cards across our 39,000 games.


And Finally...

Thank you so, so much. Doomlings wouldn't exist without your continued support. Next week we'll FINALLY be sharing an exclusive first look at the Gold box. Let us know what you think of the Blackbox in the Kickstarter updates section, on our Shopify blog posts, or in the Doomlings Community Facebook Group!

All Our Love,

Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric & Team Doomlings

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