"We wanted something that looked like atoms and molecules all woven together, like cogs in a machine"

After almost half a year in the design process, the gold box is finally here! With metallic ink, raised embossed print, U/V coating, AND holofoil, every detail is perfectly captured.

This is a KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE. Meaning once we sell this inventory, we will never make this box again. Grab yours before it’s too late! The Gold Box makes for a great gift, collector item, and anything in between!


  • Surprise! We added rainbow holofoil to this box!
  • The exterior panels of the base feature holofoil characters.
  • Inside the box is artwork representing the Doomlings Universe
  • Inside the lid is a QR code which, when scanned, will reveal a list of all the original Kickstarter backers. (Website coming soon!)
  • The bottom of the box also contains inverted holofoil Doomlings!


  • All 5 expansions! (Dinolings, Mythlings, Techlings, Dual Color, and Meaning of Life)
  • The Kickstarter Exclusive community playmat (pictured below).
  • 3 mystery holofoil Dominant Traits.
  • “Fulfilled,” our gold Kickstarter Exclusive trait card, and “Joy,” our gold age card, ONLY available in the Gold bundle
  • Limited First Edition cards that all contain a star at the bottom, denoting they're the very first run of Doomlings.
  • The box is designed to fit every card we’ve ever made, sleeved or unsleeved.

Thank you so, so much. Doomlings wouldn't exist without your continued support. Let us know what you think of the Gold Box in the Kickstarter updates section, on our Shopify blog posts, or in the Doomlings Community Facebook Group!

All Our Love,
​Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric & Team Doomlings

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