17,000 Order Shipped...And Counting!

17,000 Order Shipped...And Counting!

17,000 Order Shipped...And Counting!

We are excited to announce that pre-orders made on Doomlings.com are now shipping, so keep an eye out for your tracking email!

Our wonderful fulfillment team at Blackbox has been working around the clock getting games out the door. So far we’ve shipped out more than 17,000 orders! We aren’t resting, though. We still have thousands of orders to go, and we won’t stop until every box of Doomlings finds its home.



Are you thinking about making a video for our review contest? Here are a few sparks of inspiration to get you started:

There are FIVE Grand Prizes up for grabs:

5th Place - $50 in Doomlings Bucks
4th Place - $75 in Doomlings Bucks
3rd Place - $100 in Doomlings Bucks
2nd Place - $150 in Doomlings Bucks + Control Chris’s hand on the next livestream
1st Place - $200 in Doomlings Bucks + Control Eric’s hand on the next livestream + Justus creates a Doomling IN YOUR HONOR!

Thanks to feedback from our Kickstarter backers, we changed the winner selection from our favorites to YOURS! More details on how to vote will be available soon.

The contest will be open through 3/31/2022.


If you’re camera-shy but still want to give your thoughts, write us a review! 14 days after you get your tracking number, look out for an email from info@doomlings.comasking for your review.

The subject line of the email will be something like, “What do you think of Doomlings? Your review matters.”

As a thank you, within 24 hours of submitting your review, you will receive a coupon code for 25% off, which you can use on Doomlings.com!


SOLD OUT: Mystery Holofoil 3-Packs

Our Mystery Holofoil 3-Packs are officially SOLD OUT! (Mystery holofoil dominant traits can still be found in game boxes, but the standalone packs are no longer available.) The remaining products from our Kickstarter inventory on our website will continue to sell out in order to make room for the retail edition of the game.

As part of our initial order we placed with the factory, we have additional Kickstarter inventory that we will continue to sell off. As a new business, we need to use every platform available to us in order to compete with the “big guys.”

You may see inventory in places like your FLGS or on our Amazon store. This does not change the limited quantity of the Kickstarter inventory. (Once it’s gone, it will never be manufactured again.)



As we inch closer and closer to fulfilling all of our pledges and pre-orders, to switching to real-time fulfillment, to selling off our Kickstarter inventory, to transitioning to the next leg of this magical journey, we just want to say thank you, again, for supporting us as we continue to expand the Doomlings Universe!

With Love,

Justus, Andrew, Eric & Chris

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