We Want To Create A Doomling WITH YOU!

We Want To Create A Doomling WITH YOU!

We Want To Create A Doomling WITH YOU!


In honor of our first trip around the sun, we're holding a fun little contest...

A message from Justus...

👇(comment on this video to enter)👇

Have an idea for a trait card that should be in Doomlings?

Tell us about it for a chance to win a holofoil Heroic AND to get your card in the game! For more details on how to enter, check out the contest video post on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


(And yes, our video review contest is still open and accepting submissions as well.)



At this time, roughly 85% of all pre-orders have been successfully shipped out! If you are an international Kickstarter backer who is still waiting for a tracking number, thank you for your continued patience. We apologize that you didn't receive your tracking number by 2/27 per our last email. We are working diligently with our warehouse to clear the remaining international Kickstarter orders as quickly as possible.



One year ago today, we pushed the launch button on our Kickstarter campaign. We didn’t know what to expect, but Doomlings was funded in 49 minutes!

After finishing in the top .1% of Kickstarters of all time, Doomlings has now been shipped to more than 80 countries around the world!

There have been many milestones along the way that we’ve celebrated together:


Our first livestream.


Finishing the campaign with 11,000 backers (and realizing this was just the beginning).


The day our gold box prototype arrived.


All the fun contests we’ve had along the way. (We love holding contests.)



Thanks to you, what started in 2019 as musings between two brothers has turned into a phenomenon. We are only celebrating this anniversary today because of your belief in us. So here's to the year that's passed and the years to come. We couldn't ask for better partners on this journey.

With Love,

Justus, Andrew, Chris & Eric

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