We're in Production!

We're in Production!

We're in Production!

Big news, Doomers: our games are officially in production! That's right...39,000 copies of Doomlings have been printed and are currently being packed as you read this. 

There were SO many details that we had to proof with our partners at AdMagic, like: color consistency between our digital files and the actual printed cards; how the holofoil interacts with the colors, the look and feel of the 300gsm linen card material; the stitching of the community and player mats; the durability of the playmat bag and all three boxes. The list goes on and on.

We're all perfectionists when it comes to this game. As the new kids at the table, we want to want to make a great first impression. That being said, we're relieved to be setting aside our fine-tooth combs for now so we can focus on meeting our goal of a December 2021 delivery date.


So, what are the next steps between now and when you get your game? 

Eric Dives In

Once all the games are packed into their boxes, they will be loaded into 3 full cargo containers. 

From there our boats will set sail from Asia across the Pacific Ocean to the port of LA (this leg of the journey will take SIX WEEKS - turns out the ocean is like, huge), where they'll be transferred onto large trailer trucks that will travel nonstop across the country to our fulfillment center in New Jersey. 3 shifts of people will be working around the clock to unpack, inspect, and re-pack the games that will then be shipped to YOU.

COVID-19 and the upcoming holiday season are causing a lot of congestion at the ports, so meeting our goal of a delivery around Christmastime is going to be really close. Eric explains all of the above in greater detail in this video.

And Finally...

Thank you so much for your continued support of Doomlings. It's not lost on us how amazing it is that we get to do this, and we couldn't do it without you. Let us know your thoughts in the Kickstarter updates section, on our Shopify blog posts, or in the Doomlings Community Facebook Group!

With Love,
Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric & Team Doomlings

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