Doomsleeves Reveal!

Doomsleeves Reveal!

Doomsleeves Reveal!


Dearest Doomlings fam! Our production timeline is moving forward, and we're getting more samples in. Today, we are over the moon to share a first look at DOOMSLEEVES!

If you have been active on the Kickstarter comment section from the beginning, you might have known that we never originally intended on making sleeves for our cards. We focused on picking the highest quality linen cards we could, from the get-go. However, we got so many requests from our backers for card sleeves that there was no way we could say no. (How could we? We love you.)

In any case, we are so glad you pushed us to make sleeves, because they came out great! Check out the video below!

Justus knocked it out of the park with the design on these sleeves, taking this project as an opportunity to expand on the Doomlings universe and creating two brand new art pieces!  There are even a few new faces on these sleeves. (Could this be a hint at future expansions??)

There are two different sleeve designs to help players differentiate between the Age cards and the Trait cards. 

Both designs are super vibrant and colorful and we're so impressed with our manufactures! (Peep the silver inside of the sleeves that adds that extra special border when looking at your hand!)

Additionally, every pack of Doomsleeves contains clear sleeves to protect the cards that need to show both sides (the Gene Pool cards, Meaning of Life, Birth of Life.)

Thank you for jumping aboard the Doomlings Train. We're learning that as far as we've come, this is only first leg of the journey, the tip of the iceberg, the letter "M" in a terrible Metaphor ;)

We are so grateful to have you in our corner. This is the adventure of a lifetime and we can't wait to share more exciting developments with you in the days ahead!

With Love,

Justus, Eric, Chris, Andrew and Team Doomlings

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