Holo there! We are practically glowing here at Doomlings HQ because today we are finally unveiling our holofoil dominant traits. 

The style of holofoil used on these cards is pretty uncommon! Typically, a holofoil will only foil in the background of an image, while the character, border and text are plain. But those are the details we wanted to pop out! So instead, we inverted the effect!

Our design request was a huge challenge for the plant. They’ve never dealt with this degree of intricacy before! But, they were able to push the boundaries on what they thought was possible! As a result, we are so proud of the shiny details of these cards.

Check out the video below, where Chris loses his mind over the holos!!



Just like our favorite collectibles growing up, our holofoils have different levels of rarity: Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Check out the updated chart below to see the probability of getting each card. Note that this chart only applies to the Limited First Edition Kickstarter run. Once we go to retail, the holo hierarchy may shift around a little bit.

Within each category, there are variant cards, where Justus decided to alter the artwork ever so slightly for a handful of prints. In the chart, traits with variants have an additional card (or two) peeking out from behind the main design.

There will also be a First Edition star on every card in this version of the game. In addition, the holofoil dominant traits will have special color-coded stars that denote their level of rarity. (See chart.)


As always, we'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you for sticking with us throughout the last year. With our Doomlings finally on the water, we can see the finish line! Thank you for making this possible. We can't wait to deliver our games to you!

With Love,

Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric, and Team Doomlings

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