Our Doomlings have set sail!

Our Doomlings have set sail!

Our Doomlings have set sail!

October is all about fright. In the world of Doomlings, it's also about freight. Which leads us to some pretty exciting news...2 of our 3 cargo containers are now en route to the US! That's right...the Doomlings have set sail!

What does this mean in terms of when your game will arrive at your doorstep? To answer this, Eric put together another helpful video with an update on the logistical side of things.

December is so, so close. You can almost hear jingle bells under the sound of trick or treaters ringing doorbells. Here's an updated look at our timeline:

We are over the moon with how things are going. From the start it's been important to all of us here at Doomlings HQ that our supporters be able to play our game with their loved ones over the holidays. (After all, that's how and when this all started two Christmases ago between two brothers.) There are still several weeks between now and then, but at the same time, it is just around the corner.

We can't wait to share more details with you as we get them. Stay tuned. Until then, thank you again for your support. It means the world to us. Oh, and have a happy Halloween!

With love,

Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings

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