New MEANING OF LIFE Expansion (and it's FREE!) PLUS: Free Celebratory Gold Packs!

New MEANING OF LIFE Expansion (and it's FREE!) PLUS: Free Celebratory Gold Packs!

New MEANING OF LIFE Expansion (and it's FREE!) PLUS: Free Celebratory Gold Packs!


All systems are go! Thanks to the community’s hard work, our captain has recovered all of the metagalactic gems that power her ship. She is now ready for the journey home.

But she won’t leave before rewarding our community. And what better gift is there than a new…purpose? A higher calling?


We are thrilled to announce that an all-new Overlush-themed MEANING OF LIFE expansion has been added for FREE to all pledge tiers starting at the Doomlings Essentials tier!
5 doomlings cards
Meaning of Life cards give you bonus points at the end of the game based on you completing hidden objectives that are only revealed to your opponents at World’s End.

This new Overlush Meaning of Life features 15 cards and can be added to the original expansion or played on its own.


With a little over a week remaining of our Kickstarter, it’s time to relax and let the rest of the campaign run its course…

…Just kidding! What fun would that be? It’s time for EXTENDED STRETCH GOALS!
Head on over to and leave us a rating! If the stars align and we get to 900 ratings, we can add even more content to your rewards.


BIG news! We just got word that the Overlush Mystery Expansion will be coming to US retail stores later this year! Because of this:
  • ALL BACKERS at the Doomlings Essentials tier or higher will receive a celebratory FREE Gold Pack!
  • US backers will also have the OPTION to add rush shipping on their Overlush Mystery Expansion Boxes AND their Gold Packs in the PledgeManager once the campaign ends.
  • Rush shippers will receive their items this summer, around the time Overlush Mystery Expansion Boxes hit stores.
  • All other items will ship during regular fulfillment, which is estimated to begin in late September.
  • While Mystery Expansions will be in stores, the Complete Collection remains a Kickstarter Exclusive.
Doomlings Classic just launched in retail last year, so the idea that we’ll already have this expansion on store shelves is insane! And we couldn’t have done it without you.
With so many new cards being added to Doomlings, it was important to us that staples like Kidneys and Swarms maintained their presence in the game. So we decided to add 1 of each into the mix.
But then…well, it’s just more fun when there are a variety of Kidneys and Swarms!
For the Kidneys, we thought it would be appropriate in Overlush for all the new Kidneys to be green instead of red. And, of course, for them to have all new hats!
For the Swarms, we took it a step further and gave each one a different color and new characters.

128A (Cat Hat Kidney) and 129A (Shark Swarm) are the primary cards while 128B-E and 129B-E are the alt art variations.

All 10 cards are included in the Complete Overlush Collection, which is available in the Ultimate pledge tier, its own standalone tier, and as an add-on.
In addition to the retail announcement, we just surpassed the pledge total of our first campaign! It feels like every day comes with a new realization of just how special this whole Doomlings thing is.

Thank you for getting us here. You all are the metagalactic gems in our rocketship. Let’s keep going, because something tells us there’s a lot more out there for us to discover.

With Love,
Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings

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