Let's Talk Logistics

Let's Talk Logistics

Let's Talk Logistics

We've been in the thick of building out our pipeline. In the video below, Eric gets into the nitty-gritty details of what goes into putting a game into market!

The Freight Industry and COVID-19:

The freight industry and paper industry are being severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic - which is causing major delays and price increases. We are on top of it, but thought we’d share the following article: Container Rates Rocket Even Higher and There's No End In Sight and video. While this video describes a lot of situations that do not apply to Doomlings specifically, as Kickstarter backers ourselves, we thought the information was worthwhile to pass on as other publishers may be going through them.

The takeaway: we are not expecting any delays to your delivery, or price increases to your shipping. We will update you, though, if for some reason the situation changes.

Before we sign off we wanted to extend another heartfelt thanks to you, dear backer! We appreciate your support of Doomlings and can't thank you enough for your patience throughout the manufacturing process.

We hope to catch you in a Livestream soon! Once the art files are completely finished we will be announcing our return to our livestreamed playthroughs of Doomlings!

All the best,

Justus, Eric, Andrew, Chris & Team Doomlings!


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