Kickstarter Exclusive Cards REVEALED! PLUS: Overlush Playmats Unveiled!

Kickstarter Exclusive Cards REVEALED! PLUS: Overlush Playmats Unveiled!

Kickstarter Exclusive Cards REVEALED! PLUS: Overlush Playmats Unveiled!

We’re excited to finally reveal our 6 Kickstarter Exclusive cards! Fair warning: some of them are a bit nutty!

NOUN - The retention of juvenile features into adulthood, like the Axolotl’s external gills. Prevent an opponent from drawing a card by passing it to their hand, or keep it in yours to score bonus points!


Play Shiny’s effect early on to promote color play, or lay it down later to make some enemies at the table. Just don’t get distracted by this artifact, or you might lose points yourself!
howler and exotic doomlings

Worried your opponents are holding behemoths? Do you have high face value dominants in your hand, but you’ve already played your 2? Put Howler on the table!


Clean out some traits that might not be doing you any favors. But be warned - Exotic is bringing along 2 friends, and you won’t know if they’ll help or hurt you until it’s too late!
rainbow keratin doomlings card

These 2 are bonkers and borderline still in their prototype phase. That said, we think they’re super fun, and seeing as this is Kickstarter, we figured this is the perfect place to release zany ideas like these.

The 6 cards above are included with every tier starting at the Doomlings Essentials tier and up, and will not be available after the Kickstarter ends.
Normally, cards like these only see sunlight when they're sneaked into a print run at the last minute as holofoil-only cards. They’re more like Easter Eggs than cards that are meant to be widely played.
As is Doomlings tradition, a few other shiny surprises that aren’t part of the collection and aren’t exclusive to Kickstarter will be sprinkled into Gold Packs & mystery packs for the collectors.
You’ve seen the playmats based on the new ages Backwoods Melodies, Lingering Shadows, Glimmering Gardens, and Slumberwood. Now, the remaining 3 are ready to be unveiled!
Ancient Corruption is the first catastrophe to be adapted as a playmat. Livestream viewers recently got a special sneak peek at it.
Rustling Meadows is for those who prefer the danceable openness of a field just outside the dense jungle. We’re at peace just looking at this mat.
There’s no Waldo to find in this Overlush community mat, but you will find many of the collection’s new characters together in this special jungle scene.
All of the playmats above are available in the Super and Ultimate tiers as well as in the add-on store.


We’ve had TWO extended Stretch Goals unlocked since Tuesday, so SEVEN more cards have been added to the new Overlush Meaning of Life expansion for a total of 22 cards. You all are unstoppable!


The next unlock is similar to the last one. Click the link above or below to go to our pinned Instagram post and share it on your Instagram story. 300 shares will unlock the next reward!


doomlings update
There will be 43 cards in the rebalance set. After the Kickstarter Edition of Doomlings was released, these cards received art or effect updates for the Retail Edition of the game.

All backers of the Essentials, Complete Collection, Super, and Ultimate tiers will receive them. They will be packaged together with the Kickstarter Exclusive cards and the Stretch Goal cards.
If you own the Kickstarter Classic, Blackbox Bundle, or Gold Bundle, these cards are for you. We hope you like the changes.

If you own the Deluxe Bundle, or the Lightning Classic and the Upgrade Pack, you already have these cards. Play with the extras, or doodle your own weird ideas onto them!
It’s wild that there are less than 7 days left of the campaign! We hope you all are having as much fun as we are. Thank you so much for your continued support!

With Love,
Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings

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