FUNDED in 3 MINUTES! PLUS: Livestream, Reveals, and More!

FUNDED in 3 MINUTES! PLUS: Livestream, Reveals, and More!

FUNDED in 3 MINUTES! PLUS: Livestream, Reveals, and More!

On Tuesday, we rose early, had breakfast, launched our campaign, and were funded in 3 minutes. Today, the campaign has over 2,600 backers

We can now finally have dinner with our families at a reasonable hour. Kidding, we have Stretch Goals to unlock!
This all happened quicker than we ever thought possible, so we were delayed in announcing our Stretch Goals. Thank you for your patience!


Stretch Goals are challenges for the community to help spread the word. As we complete these goals, we unlock cool stuff like:
  • Kickstarter Exclusive content
  • New plushie or card unlocks
  • New items in the add-on store
  • Surprise things Justus won't tell the team about even though they ask him passive aggressively every few days.
Scroll down to the maps in our campaign, which contain challenges like "Create Doomlings Fan Art".  Click the button and it'll link you to post on IG using #DoomlingsArt! 
The art submissions are already rolling in on Instagram. Check out #DoomlingsArt for inspiration, or...
  • Draw a "Combo Doomling" of two or more of your favorite characters!
  • Draw a Doomling that's a variation of an existing trait.
  • Draw a Doomling you would (or maybe wouldn't) want to see in the wild!
Your artwork unlocks more rewards! Be sure to upload your artwork to Instagram and use the #DoomlingsArt hashtag.


UPDATE: We just unlocked two new cards: Patches and Apricity, AND a new plushie character, Calysta!! 
ABOUT PATCHES: Wherever Patches walks, the ground beneath their feet becomes fertile. In the game, this card allows you to "patch" up the empty spot left by a trait leaving your pile by... well, bringing it right back to you!   

ABOUT APRICITY: Ever wish you could hold on to cards in your hand instead of stabilizing? a hibernating bear? Apricity--or the warmth of the winter sun--lets you do just that.
ABOUT CALYSTA: Calysta represents the trait Ursine in Overlush and will be available to choose when the PledgeManager survey arrives after the campaign ends. Prototype photos coming soon!


Notice anything about the effect on Patches? That's right...Patches is one of the very first "Play When" dominant traits, aka cards you can play out of turn! After all, why should regular traits have all the fun?
Patches isn't the only one you'll find in Overlush:
  • ELUSIVE, our Overlush mascot, is a tricky one! You can't play it during your turn, but you can play it if it happens to enter your hand during an opponent's turn or an age effect. 
  • SNAP-TRAP lets you snap up an opponent's card when they play 2 or more traits on their turn. It's also one of two dual-color cards joining the multi-color dominant trait family. 
  • OPPOSABLE THUMBS is not strictly just a "Play When" card. It can only be played as your 2nd dominant trait, and it acts as an exact copy of your 1st dominant trait!


Our campaign's FAQ section is now live, so be sure to visit that page before putting a question in front of our rockstar support team.


Speaking of lucky...that's what we are, because of you
Whether you're joining us for the first time or you're OGs from the first campaign, we get to do what we do because you believe in Doomlings and what it can become. Hopefully we see some of you tonight on the stream. Have a safe and wonderful weekend. 
With love,
Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings

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