Doomlings: Overlush Rarities Revealed

Doomlings: Overlush Rarities Revealed

Doomlings: Overlush Rarities Revealed


Each Doomlings: Overlush Mystery Expansion Box will come with 4 packs, each containing 15 cards. While the exact cards in each pack are a mystery, here are the types of cards you can expect to see:


All Overlush cards are divided into a new 5-tier rarity system. The first 7 cards you’ll see when you open a pack will be from the Common tier. These are standard traits and ages to expand your Doomlings experience.


The next 5 are Unusual cards. The traits and ages in this tier feature more intricate effects for seasoned Doomlings players.
(Note that the bottom right border of each card includes both an icon and a letter indicating its rarity as well as the card's unique ID number within the Overlush collection.)


The 2 cards that precede the final card will be from 1 of 3 tiers: Scarce, the first tier with dominant traits; Endangered, featuring more unique and exciting cards; and Legendary, a tier reserved for the most elusive traits and ages.


The last card in every pack will be a guaranteed holofoil version of any 1 of the 170+ cards in the Overlush collection. It can be a trait or age from any of the aforementioned rarity tiers.
Want all the things? While Overlush was designed to be enjoyed by adding just one box of cards to your game of Doomlings, backers will have access to a special pledge tier that will include ALL 170+ non-holofoil game cards from the Overlush set! Available exclusively during our Kickstarter campaign. Click below to be notified the minute our Kickstarter goes live on Tuesday, March 14.

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