December Logistics Update (Part One) & Wallpapers!

December Logistics Update (Part One) & Wallpapers!

December Logistics Update (Part One) & Wallpapers!

Happy Holidays! December is here, which means menorah candles have been lit, tree lights have been strung, and Doomlings will soon be in homes all over the world. Eric gives an update on when that will be (roughly) and other logistical notes in the video below.


As you know, the unprecedented demand from consumers for goods during the COVID-19 pandemic has created a backlog in the global shipping industry. That coupled with the increased shopping activity that comes with the holiday season has resulted in a nightmare scenario at the ports. All companies in every sector of the economy are affected by it, including us.


Our 1st cargo container is on 1 of 120 ships that are waiting patiently at the port to be unloaded. In fact, because of the congestion, it’s been in the queue for FIVE WEEKS! The good news here is our games are anchored in American waters and are expected to be unloaded within the next week! (No updates yet on the 2nd or 3rd containers.)

 From there our container will be put onto a truck which will be driven around the clock until it reaches our fulfillment center in New Jersey. The fine folks over at Blackbox have been preparing for its arrival so that when it does come in, they’ll be able to ship orders out as quickly as possible.


When your order is ready, you will receive THREE emails from Blackbox: one when your shipping label is printed, which will have your tracking number; one when your order ships and is in transit; and one when your order has been delivered. If there are any issues during fulfillment, you’ll be able to reach out to Blackbox directly to resolve those. (To be clear, NO orders have shipped yet.)



​Even now, we are still hopeful for a Christmas delivery for a lot of folks, but there will be orders that won’t go out until the last week of December or early January. We will have more updates for you throughout the month on a weekly basis.



One of the stretch goals we unlocked during the campaign was wallpaper art for your phone, tablet, and desktop. Justus has been busy creating artwork for all your favorite gadgets, which are now available for you! Simply click the buttons below to download!

Download For Desktop 

Download For Mobile 


And Finally...

Thank you for sticking with us and believing in our game. This is the hardest part of the journey for our team because up until now, we've had a lot of control over moving the ball forward and sticking with the timeline we laid out earlier this year. (Big thanks to our partners at AdMagic, Breaking Games and Blackbox for helping us stay on schedule during this crazy time.) If we had superpowers, we would end COVID and move these containers ourselves, because there is nothing more important to us right now than getting these games out to you as quickly as possible. Again, we'll have another update next week, so stay tuned! We're almost at the finish line!

With Love,
Justus, Andrew, Chris, Eric, and Team Doomlings