3,000 Backers! PLUS: More Stretch Goal unlocks!

3,000 Backers! PLUS: More Stretch Goal unlocks!

3,000 Backers! PLUS: More Stretch Goal unlocks!

We can't believe it's been a week since Doomlings: Overlush launched, and already we've made quite a splash with over 3,000 Kickstarter backers!
We've had a TON of great submissions to the #DoomlingsArt stretch goal on Instagram. Here are some faves! 
Crochet Rainbow Scutes by @heathergiesen
Bead Art Appealing by @jordanthebigboy
Clay Cranial Crest by @charleecosmos
We continue to be BLOWN AWAY by how quickly the community is unlocking Stretch Goals. You might say it Swarms our hearts...


Just like our first Kickstarter, after the campaign ends, we will add the name and backer number of every supporter of Overlush to our website!


FAWN - Represented by the trait ‘Shy’ in Overlush, Fawn will be available to choose as a Plushie when the PledgeManager survey arrives after the campaign ends. Prototype photos coming soon!
Doomlings game cards with intricate designs on a dark blue background


HARMONY - Score 2 bonus points for each set of all 4 colors in your trait pile with Harmony. This is the 3rd of 5 Spirit Bears (following Apricity and Patches) that have been unlocked and added to Overlush!

2 KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVES - Images and details coming soon!
Some folks have asked what the breakdown of holofoils is inside our all-holofoil Gold Packs.
These packs were designed to prioritize collectors over gameplay.  The holofoil percentages resemble the mystery packs' game cards. In other words, each card in a gold pack has roughly a 7% chance to be Legendary per card and so forth. (See table below).

We expect the following:
Legendary: Better than 1 in 3 packs
Endangered: About 1 in 2 packs
Scarce or better: About 1 in 1.05 packs
The fact that our game is on hundreds of thousands of tables all over the world is still surreal to us. What's even more surreal is how many of you are coming out to say, "We want more."

We hope you're having as much fun on this crazy journey as we are. Thank you for being a part of it.

With Love,

Justus, Andrew, Eric, Chris & Team Doomlings

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