We're coming back to Kickstarter

Two years ago, a handful of prototypes were made of a little card game called Doomlings. We had no idea what it could become until a community of 10,000+ Kickstarter backers made it a reality.

Today, we have a new idea, and we’re returning to our favorite crowdfunding platform to launch it.

It's called Overlush
Overlush packs
Mystery expansion

Overlush expands the Doomlings universe by introducing all new MYSTERY EXPANSION BOXES. Each box contains 4 packs, and each pack contains an assortment of 14 game cards and 1 guaranteed holofoil from the Overlush set. The best part? There are over 170 new cards to discover in the Overlush collection!

Overlush cards
Rainbow Scutes plushie Rainbow Scutes plushie
But wait, there's more But wait, there's more

We know a lot of you out there want Doomlings you can squeeze, which is difficult to do with cards without destroying them. Well, get those smooshing hands ready, because PLUSHIES will be the other flagship offering during our campaign!