Complete 6-PACK of Individual Playmats

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The entire collection. ALL SIX individual playermats, at a bigger discount!

Goes great with the XL Playmat Bag!

Each playermat is approximately 11" x 22" (28cm x 56cm), and is designed to sit in front of you, to better organize your trait pile, gene pool, and dominant traits.

Includes ALL Playermats:

☼Tropical Lands Individual Playermat

☼Age of Dracula Individual Playermat

☼Comet Showers Individual Playermat

☼Flourish Individual Playermat

☼Galactic Drift Individual Playermat

☼Glacial Drift Individual Playermat


**Please note: the Galactic Drift and Glacial Drift is still in the concept art phase. The final design will be optimized by Justus at a later date, and will feature the matching guide lines seen in the other playermats in this set.